As you may have noticed by the title of my site, I’m a Solo Traveler.  Most recently, something unexpected happened!  In the middle of January, 2020, we had a large snowfall for the area I live in.  Most places in Canada wouldn’t have been bothered but this is the beautiful South Coast of B.C. where most of winter involves a lot of rain!  Anyhow, it snowed about 2 feet in a relatively short period of time.  As always, I’ve chosen to live my life in a remote rural area.  Here, this means no snow plows!  The budget doesn’t allow funds to do the rural area.  It’s fine if you have a four wheel drive vehicle but otherwise, you’re pretty much out of luck for any sort of travel!!  I was housebound for one week!!

As well, we lost  power for twenty four hours!  Thankfully, I have a wood heater so stayed cosy during the offage!!!  Just before I lost the power, I was surfing the internet.  How did one ever manage without it?  For a couple of years, I’ve belonged to a site called “HouseSitters International”.  It’s a place you pay for and can sign up to travel all over the world and house sit for people.  I had researched the south of England.  For some reason this place calls to me.  I checked on the site and low and behold, quite a few places came up.  One stood out and I thought, “what the heck?”, and applied.  Didn’t think much more about because, “I didn’t think I would ever, in a million years, be selected”.  Guess what?  I was!!  I’m new to the system and didn’t check my email on the site.  Believe me, I almost died when I saw that someone actually wanted me to come and look after their place???   A week had almost gone by, ( because I’d be dealing with the above situation!)  I thought, “oh no, they’re not going to want me because I’m so tardy in answering.”  No problem, I’ve been accepted!  At first, I was completely overjoyed and so excited!  As hours went by, the doubt and should I say it, Fear, came in.  Big time!  This was weird because I have done a fair bit of Solo Traveling.  It was quite paralazing and I couldn’t bring myself to get things done that pertained to the trip.  Luckily, I have one supportive person in my life that I talked to and worked it out!

I’ve bought my ticket and changed my attitude about the whole thing!  What had really made me excited was how close I was to France and Spain ( again!). Traveled to the south of England to the Guernsey Islands in 2017 and absolutely loved it! I’ll be house sitting two awesome dogs and then plan to head to Spain for ten days before coming home!

I’ve been overwhelmed because I didn’t think this could happen!  It has!  I made a life long dream come true!  I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming travels!! xxx

bridge lampposts body of water and buildings during day
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