Emotional Freedom

Have you heard about the “Emotional Freedom Technique” or “Tapping” as it’s called?  Tapping has been very beneficial in healing my emotional wounds.  It’s quite an easy thing to do.  There’s a lot of information on the Internet and You Tube!  Bascially, you give yourself a number from 1-10 about how you are feeling in the moment. Be it anxiety, relationship troubles, financial worries etc.

  1. Take a few deep breaths and begin with the “Karate Chop”,  two middle fingers on the outer edge of your left hand palm.  Do this 4-5 times and start to repeat your mantra.
  2. Mantra could be: ” Inner Guidance, please tell me what I need to know to heal this relationship, Inner Guidance please tell me what I need  to do to solve my financial worries, Inner Guidance please tell me what how to overcome my emotional eating.”
  3. Continue to “Tap” as follows:

After the “Karate Chop”, move up to the sides of eyes.  Tap with your index fingers on both sides or just one.  Repeat your Mantra.

Under eyes, both sides or just one side.  Repeat your Mantra.

Under nose. Repeat Mantra.

Middle of Chin. Repeat Mantra.

Middle of Collarbone. Throat Chakra.  Repeat Mantra.

Under Arm about 4 inches down.  Repeat Mantra.

Top of Head!! Repeat Mantra.

Take some deep breaths.  Stretch up your arms.  On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel now?  This technique is soothing and helps to heal our Emotional Body.

different types of stones
Photo by Jennifer Ben-ali on Pexels.com


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